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Blizzard Survival
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The Blizzard Survival brand incorporating its unique and innovative Reflexcell™ material has established itself as the leader in lightweight, compact survival protection. From the outset it was designed with walkers and climbers in mind to help them survive emergency situations in cold conditions, but it will be equally effective for anyone undertaking activities in the outdoors. Ideal for:

Blizzard Jacket

  • Mountaineering.
  • Trail running
  • Walking.
  • Trekking.
  • Caving.
  • Skiing.
  • Sailing.
  • Canoeing.
  • Mountain Biking
  • Water sports

Completely different from a traditional "space blanket” Reflexcell™ . Cellular construction traps warm air, giving vastly superior warmth over any comparable product.

Other survival bags may protect you from the worst of the weather, but you will usually be very cold, damp and uncomfortable. In cool conditions they will not stop you becoming hypothermic. People who have used old-fasioned, single layer silver blankets in emergencies report disastrous results: blankets disintegrating when unpacked, ripping in the wind, and not giving any feeling of warmth.

Blizzard products provide you with unrivalled thermal qualities, even in cold conditions, and in a real emergency will keep you alive over a prolonged period.

Blizzard Vest Blizzard Products are light weight, compact yet really robust.

The new Active Range has been developed to be even lighter and smaller than the traditional Blizzard Bags, Blankets and Jackets. Made from Ultra Light 2 layer Reflexcell™. The Blizzard Active Range is ideal for any outdoor acivities and is a must have for a boat or car emergency kit.

Go to our about Reflexcell™ page to learn more about this completely unique material.

Reflexcell™ has now established itself within key market sectors following rigorous testing and endorsement and is now extensively used by the military all over the world.

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Blizzard Survival

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