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Blizzard Survival
Blizzard Survival Tube
Blizzard Survival Tube

The Blizzard Survival Tube is a double sleeping bag, providing instant warmth for up to two people. Made of Reflexcell™ material, it has a draw cord at both ends enabling occupants to sleep side by side, or head to foot.

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Technical Specifications

Essentially a double sleeping bag made of Reflexcell™ material, the Blizzard Survival Tube has a drawcord at both ends enabling occupants to sleep side by side, or head to foot.

It provides complete shelter for one or two people, and enables a casualty to be re-warmed by putting another person into the Tube along side them. The Tube is also suitable for emergency bivouacs, and for protecting casualties against the cold.


  • Size (vacuum packed): 20 x 11 x 4.5 cm.
  • Volume: 1 litre.
  • Weight: 540 grams.
  • Size (unpacked): length: 2.35 x 1.06 metres.
  • Colour: Silver, Green or Orange.


  • Drawcord with spring toggle at each end.
  • Extra large.


  • Warmth: 8 Togs - equal to a medium weight regular sleeping bag.
  • Weather protection: fully waterproof and windproof.
  • Storage: Tubes may be stored indefinitely, and are not affected by temperature or moisture, either during storage or in use.
  • Portability: small packed size means the Blizzard Survival Tube takes up very little room in a personal emergency pack or vehicle.
  • Re-usability: Tubes can be re-used many times without loss of performance.


Outdoor Emergencies

Walkers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, mountain rescue teams, ski mountaineers, and adventure racers carry the Blizzard Survival Tube as a safety product in case of accidents or emergencies.

Planned Bivouacs

The Blizzard Survival Tube provides warmth and shelter for one or two people, making it a very versatile piece of kit for planned bivouacs whilst backpacking, mountaineering, caving etc.


A warm and healthy individual can fit in the tube alongside a chilled or hypothermic person, enabling them to be re-warmed even in the foulest outside conditions.

For walking wounded, one end can be closed around the head, with the feet protruding from the other end, enabling the person to walk.

Hot Tips

We recommend that two people lying side by side in a Tube do so head to toe - partly because this gives them more space, but also because Reflexcell™ material works best when it is not stretched tight, and this arrangement places the least strain on the Tube’s skin.

Because Reflexcell™ products are so revolutionary and versatile, we recommend reading the full user instructions Getting The Most Out Of Reflexcell™ Products.


Blizzard Survival Tube

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