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Blizzard Survival
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Reflexcell™ vs Alternatives

Reflexcell™ Survival Bags were tested in-house under laboratory conditions using a dummy filled with hot water. In keeping with standard practice, thermal efficiency was measured with the bags resting on an insulating mat. The heat-retaining capability, and warmth to weight ratio of a Reflexcell™ sleeping bag were arbitrarily set as one. The results are shown in tabular and graphical form.

It can be seen that the Reflexcell™ Survival Bag is genuinely in a league of its own. No other product is able to deliver the same thermal performance at such a low weight.

The high figures for reflective foil blankets are misleading for several reasons:

  • Using two such blankets will only slightly improve their performance.
  • The high warmth to weight ratio of these blankets is due to their extremely low weight, not to exceptional thermal performance.
  • Single layer blankets are generally inconvenient to use and extremely fragile, meaning that these theoretical figures are rarely realised in emergency situations.

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